Webinar: Oracle ADF 12c at a glance


cabecera-web-enWhat’s new in this release

Oracle 12c framework latest version is out with a bunch of new exciting features. Thanks to some cutting edge components and the flexibility of declarative components, this new version ADF framework increase dramatically the productivity levels.

¿What are the main features?

In this major release ADF evolves in several domains, for instance: Maven and GIT integration, Core JSF updates and ADF BC REST support, etc. At the same time the IDE has suffered also a big evolution with lots new features and solved bugs.

Because we are Oracle ADF 12c experts

In atSistemas, we offer a real expertise in ADF 12c for new developments and complex migrations, not only because of our knowledge of the framework but also because of our proven methodologies. We have also built internally several solutions around Oracle ADF 12c, as ADF Smart Monitor, our audit and monitoring tool that delivers to the development teams relevant information on the quality of the ADF applications.

Get a detailed overview with this webinar:

  • News in JDK and JSF
  • New components
  • Improvements and news in JDeveloper
  • Improvements and news in ADF
  • Conclusions
  • Questions

May 19th 16:30 – 17:30 CEST

atSistemas Speaker:
Fernando López Campillo
Architect in the Oracle Expert Center of atSistemas



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