Outsourcing of services


atSistemas has been in the market for outsourcing of IT services since 1994 . During this time, we have worked for 50 major financial institutions in Spain, dozens of public administrations as well as  enterprises in the industrial and service sectors. We are trusted to support the most complex and demanding IT services. Whether it is  integrating our resources into your staff or assuming full responsibility for the operation of the service, the cornerstones  of our way of working are:

  • The selection of resources which are truly tailored to company’s needs
  • Maintaining training so that expertise grows with the advancement of of your project
  • High flexibility and speed of response to contingencies, replacements, extensions, etc
  • Constant monitoring of development activities by those responsible for specific work as well as by the management team
  • Total involvement in achieving  objectives

Our support services are developed specifically within the framework of our quality management system certification ISO 9001:2008.

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