Application Modernization

Modernización de aplicaciones heredadas. Foto por Marc Smith, en Flickr (6246956234), con licencia CC by.

Investments in IT developments are an indispensable value to companies. Rapid technological developments in recent years, have left tools by the wayside that were once valued for their high level of productivity in the development.  The migration to newer technologies enables systems to move forward  and to keep pace with business needs, avoiding the problems of obsolescence, such as lack of vendor support, difficulty in finding resources with the necessary skills or inability to adapt to new technological paradigms (web, mobile, etc.). As an added value to the migration of applications, we offer: Downsizing or rehosting platforms that support the applications migrated.

  • Reuse of existing HR, training them in the new platform.
  • Use of tools that control the life cycle of applications.
  • Significant reduction in processing costs
  • Unification of development platforms and reduction of labor costs.

atSistemas has methodologies and proprietary tools that allow us to address these projects successfully. Companies regard technological renovation projects as becoming “de facto”standards in the market such as: COBOL for mainframes, J2EE and. NET, AJAX and RIA-presentation, realizing reduced processing costs and put them on the road to modernizing their facilities. The steps taken to address this type of project, following atSistemas’ migration methodology are as follows:

  • Study of the current platform.
  • Study of language and business rules implemented.
  • Tooling construction suitable for converting.
  • Construction of common components.
  • Adaptation of code generators.
  • Concept Testing.
  • Phased implementation of the applications to be migrated.

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