Software development

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Currently, having stable systems, capable of adapting to changes is critical to business continuity. Many times the application of tactical and strategic decisions require changing corporate systems in order to deliver on commitments.

A corporate system’s stability and ability to change can only be obtained by applying engineering principles to its own software life cycle. The rigor and testing during the development process are key to the development of reliable systems.

atSistemas has over 17 years of experience in software development using the highest standards and principles of software engineering. We have an agile development approach based on Test Driven Development and automation of testing.

Our experience and good practices translate into productivity tools that standardize our own way of working. This enables a high degree of homogeneity in all developments.

This homogenization significantly reduces development costs and maintenance. In addition, the standard architectures and frameworks employed by atSistemas are fully integrated into the productivity tools. These architectures and frameworks establish adequate performance and stability in all the work we undertake,  and provide these productivity tools with a common infrastructure.

The architectures and frameworks, and their resultant productivity tools, along with the availability of highly skilled resources, enable us to be highly competitive, ensuring the highest levels of service and excellence in performance.

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