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Get new features for working with your JIRA issues

atSistemas provides a series of features for working on JIRA issues. Whatever your chosen solution, Software, Service Desk or core, your will be able to easily receive, manage and send external and internal notifications.


TemplateMe! Quickly personalise JIRA notification emails

Create and manage your own email templates on JIRA adapted to your requirements, to the type of issue or to the project.


NotifyMe! Send emails from JIRA to any mail user

Send emails in HTML to any email address, regardless of whether or not it forms part of the JIRA system.


ReceiveMe! Create issues automatically from an email account.

Automate the issue or comment creation process by personalising the system’s incoming emails.


And in addition…discover PageMe! the atSistemas add-on that unites JIRA and Confluence environments

It enables JIRA issue information to be transferred to Confluence pages via a simple assistant.


Page Me! Create Confluence pages from JIRA issues.

With PageMe! create or update Confluence pages directly from JIRA issues, exporting all the information you want to include: attachments, comments, subtasks, etc.




temaplate-me notify-me receive-me
Highly configurable

It enables notification templates to be created using Velocity, by copying from another template or by using our WYSIWYG editor. They simply need to be assigned to a type of user, a type of issue or to a type of project.

Friendly interface

We have respected the JIRA screen layout so it is easier to configure our add-on, through the very familiar layouts!

Low intrusion

Change between the Jira and TemplateMe! notifications just with the click of a button.

Dynamic templates

Thanks to the Apache Velocity template language, you can generate dynamic templates with the issue details.

No restarts

Change templates as many times as your like without having to restart the JIRA issue.


Enjoy much greater power by combining TemplateMe! with other add-ons. With NotifyMe! for example, you will be able to send personalised templates.


Send emails to any user, regardless of whether or not they form part of the JIRA system.

Create your emails with the WYSIWYG editor, customising the content with images, colours and different fonts…There are no limits!


Attach issue details or comments by simply inserting a check mark.

Friendly interface

Search for users easily thanks to the filter or add external emails to your distribution list.

Email log

You won’t lose any emails with the email log option, which will include the who, the what and the when.

Combining NotifyMe! with other add-ons provides enhanced power. With TemplateMe! for example, you can create customisable notifications with personalised templates.


It enables emails to be received in a personalised manner.
Friendly interface

We have respected the JIRA screen layout so you feel comfortable configuring our add-on.
Easy to create issues

For each incoming email, it creates an issue that will include the email body with all its images inserted, while also respecting the text format.
Adds comments

If your email refers to an existing issue, it will add a comment in each task.

Easy user registration

Registers the email sender as an external user, without using JIRA licences








Choose which functions, groups, projects or types of issues can use the PageMe! button to create pages in Confluence.


Easily select the Confluence destination, the new parent page, or update an existing one. Or both features if so required!


All the relevant information is included on the new Confluence page, such as the issue values, comments, attached files, subtasks, etc. It can all be documented in Confluence.

Cloud version coming soon


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