PageMe! Create Confluence Pages directly from JIRA Issues


PageMe! is an Atlassian add-on, developed by atSistemas, that enables you the creation or the update of Confluence pages directly from JIRA issues, exporting all the issues information you want to include (custom fields, subtasks, ect.). The integration works smoothly and doesn´t require you to configure anything but the confluence connection data.

Main Functionalities

  • Create new Confluence pages from a JIRA issue
  • Update existing pages with issue information
  • Export issue fields
  • Choose where to store the new page: space and parent page
  • Include sib-task details in the main page or as children pages
  • Synchronize watchers and labels

About atSistemas and Atlassian

Atlassian products help software teams-developers, product managers, doc writers, bug-bashers-of all sizes track and share everything, work smarter, and create better software together. As Atlassian Expert, atSistemas is able to deliver IT services around these products for project management, collaboration, source code management, testing, continue integration, etc.

The atSistemas service portfolio on Atlassian includes software licencing, training, consulting and customization services. The adoption of this type of technologies often generates organization changes. This is why atSistemas counts with its own mentoring and coaching methodology, in order to guarantee the success of the project reducing conflicts in the development teams and applying agile methodologies when suitable. In the last years, we have help more than 40 companies to benefit from Atlassian technologyy, insurance companies, manufaturers or 1st league football clubs.

>>Download PageMe!at Atlassian Marketplace

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