Quality, CSR and environment

System of quality management and environmental and social responsibility

Our consultancy and technical assistance has been developed within the framework of our ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certifications and as always, with the highest level of exigency and rigor.

With this system, we intend not only to meet the social responsibilities that ensue from our activities, but also to gain internal strength and efficacy, because social responsibility has a part in building a more solid and cohesive company.

As part of our management system, corporate social responsibility, goes hand in hand with our commitment to environmental responsibility, embodied in our Environmental Policy.

Our environment protection initiatives include activities related to energy management, reduction and waste management specific to our business .

These lines of activity are based on

  • analysis of current impact
  • targets and reduction targets
  • implementation of measures to achieve these objectives
  • Performance Monitoring action taken
  • communication of results and drawing conclusions that will guide the next iteration of the process.

The management of the company is fully committed to meeting these objectives, which is reflected in its supervision of internal audit results and inclusion in all management committees of items related to our management of social and environmental responsibility.

Being that our social and environmental responsibility management system is still new, we have yet to list our achievements in these areas, but because of our dedication to an open company and our commitment to these issues, we will use our website to communicate the fulfillment of our pledge to society.

We will also take the opportunity to share the obstacles we have encountered and mistakes we have made in the race to achieve these objectives, in an effort to set an example to other organizations in their efforts to improve socially and environmentally.

In atSistemas we are aware that efforts towards lessening the ecological and social impact of our activities cannot be limited to the initiative of management. Employee involvement is an essential pillar of our efforts along these lines. Furthermore, conscious of the need to influence the rest of our ecosystem of partners, we have begun to require our suppliers and subcontractors to meet the same level of commitment in these areas, encouraging and supporting those who are not as advanced in their efforts.

In addition to this, atSistemas declares itself fully aligned with the principles presented in the EICC Code of Conduct.

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