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Small is beautiful when you need a flexible business model
Big is better when you need a service for your Atlassian products

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Start discovering our services by trying the Basic package!

Enjoy the best of our remote services for monitoring and managing your Atlassian platform!
  • Consultancy, parameterisation and development services
  • Remotely managed services
  • Personalised services and continuous communication
  • CET time zone
  • Pool of qualified technicians
  • Monthly reports


Would you like a more personalised support option? Sign up for the Standard package!

We will appoint one of our Atlassian experts to monitor and manage your Atlassian platform!
  • Technical manager and support from the pool of experts
  • Personalised services and continuous communication
  • Consultancy, parameterisation, development and training services
  • Remotely managed services with possibility of on-site support
  • CET time zone and possibility to extend
  • Personalised reports


Would you like to benefit from Atlassian’s full service coverage? Then the Premium package is for you!

Enjoy the best combination of on-site and off-site services for your Atlassian products!
  • Management and support from the pool of experts
  • On-site or remote service depending on requirements
  • Service pack: consultancy, parameterisation, development, training and support services
  • CET time zone and possibility of 24/7
  • Complete coverage of Atlassian suite products
  • Personalised reports
*Commuting time is not included

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